1. dd

    way better ass than Minkas. this chick is fit not chunky

  2. Allison Wunderlan

    Because matching shoes would so ruin this outfit.

  3. Gummy Bear Pimp

    I’ve been looking at this picture for 5 minutes trying to write something only to realize I’ve forgotten to do that and just got lost in the beauty of this woman.

  4. Still hasn’t heard from Michael Bay about Trans4mers*, rushing off to his villa to wash his Ferrari.

    *you know they’re gonna call it that

  5. Checkmate, Minka.

  6. You know who has never won a Nobel Prize? Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, and SPANDEX YOGA PANTS INVENTOR GUY!!!!!!!
    I think this shot should cinch it for the yoga pants inventor guy though, otherwise the Nobel is just a farce.

    • They should rename it the “Nobel Piece Prize” in his honor… mostly because the “Nobel Dat Ass Prize” sounds kinda silly. Then again, on second thought…

  7. journalschism

    Who knew that was back there?

  8. GJerk

    I would love to grope her in a parking garage.

  9. cc

    Wow. Now there is an ass I could devote myself too.

  10. iceman

    What a good looking girl. Shame they had ruin this album by putting minkas ass in it!

  11. léo

    i do not know what to say and how to describe my feelings…..

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