1. -”Hahaha yes I had her clean my trailer during breaks”
    -”And then I sucked his dick”

  2. “Bro! Bro! Are you fucking dis bitch!?”

    “….Ah am fooking dis bitch!”


  3. “She picked my socks for me.”

  4. LadyMoustache

    Ever noticed how small his feet are? Just sayin’… Meanwhile, Jaimie obviously has a huge one.

  5. DDD

    Yeah…hahahahah…all these kids are mine.

  6. “So ven do ah get to meet da gals from Da Help.”

  7. Hugh Jazz

    The suit: Hugo Boss.
    The tie: Charvet.
    The socks: Bresciani.
    The shoes: Bruno Magli.
    The hair: Sharpie.

  8. “The results are in… Arnold…. you are NOT the father!”
    “Oh thank God!”

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