1. Allison Wunderlan

    I don’t think they liked me.

  2. Joe

    I don’t even know what a “Princess Fiona” is. Now get that thing outta my face!

  3. “Get that thing away from me, it reminds me of my abduction by Aliens .They may be green but the aren’t little”

  4. tom

    Someone give her a handkerchief please.

  5. Hank E. Ring

    Go back and watch the first Smokey and the Bandit movie, she was smokin,

  6. LadyMoustache

    You hate me! You really hate me!

  7. tlmck

    “Sally, a lot of people have said Smokey and the Bandit would have been much better with Goldie Hawn instead of you. What are your thoughts?”

  8. kec

    Kim Kardashian:Black Guys::Sally Fields:Leprechauns

  9. Alexxx

    Green Man Penis!

  10. Havana Bangdebut

    That’s the same look my ex girlfriend used to give when she asked “you won’t post this on the internet will you?”

  11. Joey JoJo

    Of course it’s a green microphone. And it’s probably being held by a leprechaun.

  12. “You’re not a cop are you?”

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