1. tlmck

    This is obviously before the body cast.

  2. Five minutes earlier:

    “Lil Jon, your right shoe isn’t strapped in.”
    “Your right shoe. It’s not strapped in.”
    “Your right…uhhhh, have fun out there.”

  3. I’m a bit surprised he doesn’t ski ski ski.

  4. DeucePickle

    He needs to stop doing this and get back in the studio recording sweet ass beats that are all, hip and fly and poppin’ fresh….or whatever it is the kids call it these days.

  5. broduh jenner

    is this the new cool runnings? i’m so stoked!

  6. CK

    Lil Jon. Big Retard.

  7. EZ-B

    “Li’l Jon, are you alright!!?”

  8. What the fuck are you doing Jon? You know black people don’t ski.

  9. Jman

    Did they photoshop out the blunt in his left hand?

  10. LadyMoustache

    He fell down last night and froze that way.

  11. Yeaaah, I need a job.

  12. DDD

    He’s frozen to the bench

  13. Quaaludes and snow aren’t such a good combination after all…

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