1. BP

    Hey, you forgot to put John Travolta in this menage a trois!

  2. BP

    This site sucks now…hey Fish pay your fucking internet bill……..

  3. BP

    Is that Patrick Dempsey? or James Franco?
    One of them took a dump in their sweats!

  4. Lady gaga is all about fair play. If they’re gonna check her for a penis well by gosh so will she…

  5. Toe Jam

    I have faith in you BP!! Don’t lose hope!! Watch that arrow-key!! LOL :D

  6. Toe Jam

    Finger in the dike? Is this Amsterdam?

  7. “And once your hand stops getting browner, then you know that you’ve successfully wiped enough.”

  8. cc

    Well, I can’t say as I could resist the temptation to squeeze some firm, toned dancer ass either.

  9. Brought It

    Since Weeds was cancelled, Mary Louise Parker has had to resort to dancing on Lady Gaga’s tour.

  10. I don’t blame Gaga. I’d grab that ass too.

  11. ThisWillHurt

    “What do I hear for young Mellisa here? Just look at that ass! She’s built to last, this one! We’ll start the bidding at 40 thousand! 40? 40 right there! Do I hear 45? 45?”

  12. Love her or hate her; you have to respect Gaga’s PSA for colo-rectal screening.

  13. flaT

    Why the fuck are the comments all mis-matched to the pictures these days. what the fuck is going on here.

  14. If grabbing a fit dancer’s ass is all it takes to be a star these days, I could be bigger than than Al Jolson!

  15. Grizzilicious

    she may have the haircut of a 20 year old but nothing could replace the thousands of years of abuse that vagina has taken.

  16. GJerk

    She just took a shit…and they ran out of toilet paper.

  17. Little Tongue

    “Po po po poke her ass”

  18. Branko

    Whats with the yppee lip! Freakish

  19. At least I now know that Gaga and I have similar taste in asses!

  20. Hugh Jazz

    Wow, Molly Shannon really pulled herself together.

  21. Tinka

    I thought that was Ke$ha. *hangs head in shame*

  22. Why is it that Lady Gaga can never keep a wig on straight?

  23. worst pap smear, ever.

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