1. karlito

    you know your youth is over when Drew Barrymore starts to look like an old woman.

  2. I never remember…Is it vertical stripes or horizontal stripes that make you look thinner…ah yes, now I remember…vertical.

  3. USDA Prime McBeef

    High school art teacher

  4. So just for the day we’re retitling the show “Eff You America”.

  5. Gummy Bear Pimp

    Jabba the Hutt looks really good after the diet.

  6. Recently had a baby. Congrats.

    • oh yeah, because this is exactly who we need befouling the gene pool.

      • There are a lot of worse assholes out there having much more kids than she will ever have. Kids they can’t support, btw. We could (and do) do a lot worse than Drew.

      • you said ‘do do’!
        I gotcha that she’s not the most retarded worthless pos on the planet, but if I had to slot her in with the mensa crowd or the teen moms, I know where I think she’d be. Her reproducing for sure is not increasing our nation’s average intelligence. Of course, being a coke fiend / alcoholic since she was 9 years old could play a bigger part in her stupidity than genetics, so who knows? At least she didn’t have kids with Tom Green.

      • You don’t even know her. How can you say such nasty things about her. What, exactly, is it that makes you think she is stupid?

        Frankly, I think she’s done quite well for herself, especially considering her life was undoubtedly much more difficult than Lohan’s, Spears’s or Bynes’s.

  7. DDD

    ET has a long neck…she has none

  8. Grafikman

    So that’s Drew Barrym- JESUSCHRIST!!

  9. Drew Barrymuffins

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