1. karlito

    does she buy all her clothes at the local halloween shop?

  2. Allison Wunderlan

    I don’t think she’s gotten over the fact that Harry Potter killed Lord Voldermort.

  3. Anyone seen ‘Drop of Water’ in Mario Bava’s horror movie ‘Black Sabbath’?

  4. Pine Table Fever

    I honestly had no idea there was such a thing as grey makeup.

  5. SIN

    As long as she shows off her tits we are oko.

  6. Gummy Bear Pimp

    It’s like looking in a mirror. Everyone looking at her has the same expression. Shocking fear mixed with surprise.

  7. Is it weird that I’m still attracted to her based on how hot I think I remember she used to be?

  8. broduh jenner

    we should be the ones holding our breath, lady.

  9. As batshit crazy as she is, she’s still fucking hot.

  10. LadyMoustache

    I like her so much I can’t even make fun of her. Sad.

  11. glam

    She’s fucking gorgeous. I hope I have the balls to dress like that and look that beautiful when I’m older.

  12. DDD

    Hey, im gonna shit in this elevator…wanna watch?

  13. “Excuse me, are you the ghost chick from that famous internet video where they scare the shit out of everyone on the elevator?”

  14. CrashHell

    This Chick Does Not have testicular cancer.

  15. maoix

    When’s her new line of embalming fluid coming out?

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