1. SIN

    Epic fail, what did you expect from a Clinton.

  2. I’m attracted to this woman.

  3. LadyMoustache

    She looks more like her father every day.

  4. GJerk

    Walk of same.

  5. Bag full of cigars for her dad’s birthday. That was nice of her.

  6. so she’s just hauling her crap around town? huh.

  7. Isn’t the cowboy supposed to wear the boots, and not the horse?

  8. alex

    I was going to write, “those boots are tragic” and then I realized how tragic my writing that would be. I have been ruined by the internet. When did this happen to me?

  9. “C’mon, Pepper, move it, will ya? Goddamnit but sometimes I just hate these service dogs…”

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