1. Wow, so what fellow royal did she piss off to have to endure this?

  2. Gummy Bear Pimp

    Olivia Munn looks every bit the $1,500 hooker she is. Sultry yet trashy at the same time But damn, I’d fuck the shit out of her. I feel conflicted just saying it.

  3. Olivia Munn finally captured looking like the humorless cunt she is. I guess when you’re prostituting yourself to Ne-Yo you just can’t hide it anymore.

  4. Olivia’s looking as gorgeous as ever.

  5. wtf, a hat & sunglasses indoors, sneakers with no socks, and that suit is ridiculous – who let him into a fashion week event? Is he there for the ‘here’s how NOT to dress’ seminar as the example?

  6. Poor Neyo, all dressed up and forgot the shrimp and cocktail sauce. Maybe next time.

    And yeah I would bang the shit out of Olivia Munn.

  7. Phoenix

    Is Neo playing the circle game with himself?

  8. DDD

    Olivia munn plucks out her eyelashes…freak!

  9. Wait, most importantly; The Royal is wearing an old Star Trek costume! One of Kirk’s floozies had this on!

  10. maoix

    Prince Albert’s been in that can.

  11. “Why dat lady walkin’ all hipster and such, and how come she ain’t wearin’ no bra?”

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