1. karlito

    Scotty, Spock here. after my massage, beam me up.

  2. No idea there was such a thing as the gay olympics… Well done, John. Well done.

  3. Allison Wunderlan

    Looks like an ad for “Lee Spray on Stencil Hair”.

  4. Toe Jam

    Still saving money on the Hair Club for Men, with a $1.99 Sharpie. Nice.

  5. The award was later taken away from Mr. Travolta when it was realized the recipient actually had to be living.

  6. cc

    ‘The 10th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards’…he got the Mile High award for finger fucking a masseuse at 12,000 feet.

  7. Is Semen considered a performance enhancing drug?

  8. Nonny Moose

    Living Legends of Gayviation?

  9. “Guess which head I shaved for the after parties tonight”

  10. EZ-B

    The award is for a very impressive feat: he’s the only person to ever fly a plane while in the closet.

  11. LadyMoustache

    Nah, that’s a Scientology medal. They give ‘em to all the celebrities…

  12. shemp

    Gold medal in competitive cocksucking…

  13. Schmidtler

    They say awards are for people with self esteem issues. Of course, so is pretending to be straight.

  14. I know, right?

    John’s always loved flying….the sense of freedom….the feeling of the wind blowing through your…….oh, yeah – that’s right…..never mind…..

  15. GJerk

    Yes, I’m pregnant thanks for asking.

  16. Little Tongue

    Jon Hamm does it better, Johnny boy. It won’t make us forget about that shag you wear on your head.

  17. he can lie about everything in his personal life forever. that hair is the only thing he can’t be forgiven for.

  18. Silver? In the Gobble-Cock 100. Well I lost 50 bucks.

  19. “Silver again. Fucking Cruise.”

  20. What’s with the beard? I mean the thing on his chin, not Kelly Preston.

  21. “This is where I wanted the medal hung”

  22. That pose is soooooooo gay. Please John come out of the closet! WTF with the pubic hair on your head?

  23. anonym

    Gold medal for gayness

  24. The gold medal is for sword fighting.

  25. Best in class for ‘Spray on Hair’. Good job John, way to go.

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