1. Good to know Winger daydreams about Annie’s boobs, too.

  2. Toe Jam

    “I wonder what is happening in the Shire”.

  3. Sarcastic ass in repose.

  4. “…good Pelegrino.., as I was saying Apple is lamer than lame. The new hip OS is Windows. Because it sucks.”

  5. The Dude

    Kevin Bacon in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” ?

  6. Love this dude on “The Soup” and “Community”.

  7. Colin

    They forgot to bring him his soup.

  8. GJerk

    Should I shave….nahhhh!

  9. funny guy, but I sure hope that hair isn’t on purpose.

  10. Hugh Jazz

    “Next time, I’ll ask for 3 lemon slices in my evian. Yes, definitely 3 slices.”

  11. “I AM laughing. On the inside.”

  12. “God, what will I do now that Chevy’s gone?”

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