1. tlmck

    Had an orgasm when she picked it up.

  2. karlito

    so ladies, you kiss it right here like this and then you open your mouth and swallow it until you gag. this is how i became famous and it just may work for you. now let the tupperware party begin.

  3. Always good to drink while you’re pregnant

  4. Uhmm, will someone please turn the black microphone polisher back on?

  5. Allison Wunderlan

    Proving once and for all that there is a familial mutated passage somewhere in her throat leading down to her ovaries and into her uterus. Yep, that’s how little Kardashians are conceived.

  6. “Havin’ a baby…
    What a lovely way to say,
    I need more publicity.
    Havin’ a baby…”

  7. ThisWillHurt

    “That’s right, baby. You’re gonna let me borrow your credit card and go straight to Bloomingdale’s after I finish you off, won’t you baby? Oh yeah, I can almost taste your cu- . . . Sorry folks! Pregnant brain! What were we talking about?”

  8. The Dude

    Looking more and more like a Thai LadyBoy every day.

  9. Cock Dr


  10. lawn

    They could have avoided that involuntary reaction by. . . what? Already been done? Sorry, never mind.

  11. And you were all making fun of Boy George for DJ’ing in Croatian… You should all be giving it to this cow with both barrels for singing karaoke in Côte d’Ivoire.

  12. DDD

    Hey, where’s the cream filling?

  13. is she singing?! wtf. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. ick.

  14. I was up this morning and watched this vile family’s show for the first time in years and this bitch and her sisters were on there whining about Kris Humphries and talking shit about him and acting like everything was all his fault and they were just innocent victims. I hope they fucking burn in hell where they belong.

  15. Moo Cow Hunter

    Kim singing “MOOOOnlight Becomes You” takes on a whole new meaning.

  16. Spartacus


  17. No thanks, too easy.

    On a side note – what’s the over/under that this thing has a “miscarriage” and there’s no actual birth?

  18. alex

    The face. What happened to her face? No really…

  19. Proper

    Pictured, Big Black Microphone

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