1. tlmck

    Thank god the zoom is gone.

  2. I didn’t know she attended the Ministry of Silly Walks

  3. C.J. Craig finally does “The Jackal.”

  4. I love a flexible woman.

  5. DDD

    Imagine your balls here.

  6. I’m 50 and I LOVE IT!! I can bend and . you know the rest.

  7. zomgbie

    and shes winding up her red carpet appearance with a move thats known as “the skarsgĂ„rd”.

  8. Grafikman

    “Quick, somebody give me a match!” (squeeeeep)

  9. Omega-Xis

    any one think she looks like sara jay?

  10. “This is a move I learned in “Tae Kwon Do for Dummies.”

  11. Scully

    Her Lindsay Lohan impression is pretty good, actually.

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