1. Rumer: Derp Derp deerp?

    Demi: Derp Der Derp!

  2. I guess I can see where the chin came from.

  3. Bonky

    For some reason I am craving a baked potato and a bag of beef jerky.

  4. Deacon Jones

    “Can you believe how ugly this bitch is??”

  5. MRF

    It’s kinda mean that her mom makes fun of her like that – but funny.

  6. Colin

    She’s a chip off the old face.

  7. How long till Rumor gets cheek implants too?

  8. Randal

    Now I know where are the horses went.

  9. You'll never be young

    Mom knows exactly how to stay trim and buys plastic tits but does jack shit to help fat daughter. What a fucking cunt. “Am I hotter than my daughter?”. Eat a fucking sandwhich.

  10. Venom

    I want neither. There will be no mother-daughter fantasies for me with these two.

  11. Either one would be an acceptable jack hammer….

  12. Lol

    I think they might be related to Glenn Quagmire

  13. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    She’s like a dna trash can

  14. She better hit the reset button, her mom’s face is frozen again.

  15. ThinkStupid

    Picasso would be proud.

  16. Blech

    *Gritted teeth* “Rumer, how is it possible that with all this Botox I can STILL smile bigger than you?”

  17. Jdub

    That is one of the most realistic wax statues I have ever seen!

  18. dontkillthemessenger

    The 90 year-old frozen faced bag o’ plastic is still hotter than the daughter.

  19. I see the Crypt keeper finally decided to get rid of the gray hair.

  20. Contusion

    Caution: entering Cher territory.

  21. BAHAH

    Bruce Willis makes fugly offspring.

  22. Enough with the bad ’80s movie remakes, “Weekend at Demi’s”…really??

  23. your mom

    When genetics go horribly wrong… with a side of silicone.

  24. Wow, same exact mouth expression.

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