1. TomSelleck'sMustache

    Ms. Kardashian, how did you make it past security?

  2. “Who am I wearing, Ryan? Why the goo of every man between here and my limo, that’s who I’m wearing.”

  3. Bonky

    Kim thought the Golden Globes was a contest for who has the best boobs.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Somebody needs to photoshop a Peter North-size cum shot flying through the air at her

  5. Not pictured: black micr… ah, fuck it, you guys know the joke.

  6. Knows Tits

    Those are some veiny tits.

  7. Venom

    Her mouth action explains how she got into the party.

  8. Cock Dr


  9. dotmatrix

    “Sorry, Miss Kardashian, these are the Golden Globes, not the Orange Globes.”

  10. “The Weinstein Company’s Golden Globes After Party” = “Jewish Mens’ Orange Slut Bukkake Party”?

  11. Lynx

    Blowers cramp

  12. mel on wheels

    Make it go away please.

  13. Blech

    Wow, she seems genuinely shocked by a man touching her above her tits.

  14. Napoupi

    Not pictured : twenty cents on the carpet.

  15. BAHAH

    Every man’s golden globes have been in that mouth…

  16. pretty vacant

    just dropped by to see if golden showers were also available.

  17. once you see the long black hair circling her right boob, you can’t see anything else.

  18. Girl behind Kim: “fuck, I can’t see anything over this chicks ass”

  19. your mom

    She saw something long, black and girthy out of the corner of her eye, and promptly opened her mouth…. Little did she know it was the arm of the white dude behind her.

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