1. HA, she likes to put things in her fanny pack

  2. shemp

    (better) “She’s a fanny packer…”

  3. Bumba Claat

    Dat gyal nasty.

  4. It’s Eddie Van Halen Circa 1980 from the neck down

  5. catapostrophe

    It’s difficult to identify the brown object stuffed in her fanny pack.

  6. neen

    Miley Cyrus in 10 years.

  7. This is NOT the publicity Ensure was going for.

  8. B&WMinstrel

    There’s tide marks on her arms from how deep in the shit she is

  9. MFer

    Is Sinead sure she’s not a lesbian?

  10. Nothing compares 2 butt sex.

  11. I may need to sleep with the light on after seeing that photo.

  12. Nothing goes better with Irish anal sex than a high-fiber vitamin drink.

  13. AC

    When I heard that Snoop Dogg was becoming Snoop Lion, I thought he was supposed to be the reincarnation of Bob Marley, not the ghost of Jacob Marley. This really is a game changer.

  14. the crazy betty

    say no to drugs, folks.

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