1. Pamela Anderson in two years.

  2. HARO

    Poster woman for scarves

  3. I hate how everyone thinks it’s funny to use the “pinch” effect on their iPhoto avatar.

  4. EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! To think I used to masturbate to her topless scene in King Kong!

  5. tlmck

    The Postman hasn’t rung her bell in quite a while.

  6. contusion

    If you are familiar with Photoshop, she looks like she got caught in a Liquify vortex.

  7. No wonder they cast her for American Horror Story. To cut down on the make-up bills.

  8. karlito

    Time can be so cruel……especially to once beautiful women.

  9. Julie

    We are all going to look like this someday… :(

  10. elliotspitzer

    When I was in high school she made my dick harder than granite in that topless scene from King Kong. Now she looks like her face was chisled from granite. Like the Stones said “What drag it is getting old.”

  11. I got to give her props for staying natural.

  12. Vlad

    I’ve got whiplash now from that picture!

  13. Lou Braccant

    My pug makes the same face when I feed it lemon wedges

  14. Sucka MC

    Jessica needs to switch from animal blood to human blood.

  15. This makes me sad. No denying that she’s getting up there in years, but this photo is from a horrible angle. The photo below is from the same event and not nearly as bad. No matter what, I love me some Constance/Sister Jude!

  16. zomgbie

    Sister Jude at the WB/In Style Golden Globe After Party in Los Angeles. (January 13, 2013)


    ^ yeah she is beyond awesome on that show.

  17. the crazy betty

    time is not our friend. :(

  18. Ronaldo

    I agree….she got old. But we have to give her credit for not pulling her face and neck like many older hollywood women do.

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