1. Toe Jam

    Protip: Crest Whiting Strips.

  2. (Inside his head): Just keep smiling Mel… The Jews will soon leave to go conspire against you…

  3. [insert Joker comment]

  4. Frank Burns

    “Hmm, something about the Jodie Foster speech isn’t quite kosher. Oops, I said kosher! Sorry, dad! Hahahahaha”

  5. ThisWillHurt

    I didn’t know they made tanning beds for teeth.

  6. contusion

    In this day and age, it’s riskier to admit being close friends with Mel Gibson than to publicly acknowledge being a lesbian.

  7. An awful, awful human being.

  8. Number 2

    Just add a Totenkopf uniform.

  9. Dbl Helix

    “Thank you, sugar tits…err, I mean…Jody. I expect you to blow me, BEFORE, the jacuzzi!!”

  10. Browny

    Wtf happened to him? He used to be sooooo gorgeous looking… Age is a terrible thing.

  11. crazy betty

    crazy bastard.

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