1. Cheers to Danny DeVito

  2. “To my lack of talent!!”

  3. ya

    Bald dude: “To saying hi to our mothers for you!”

  4. Smapdi

    “To donuts and bad acting! Cheers!”

  5. If I were in that wine cellar with the sommelier, it wouldn’t have gone down like that. There would have been a lot of red wine spilled on the floor, then me saying “OK, waiter, it’s time for another bottle.”

  6. “You see, Mark, it looks and acts like regular wine but it’s actually a laxative. Tomorrow you’ll be shittin’ like a Christmas goose!”

  7. Kat

    That poor guy must be so sick of working for the Addams family.

  8. EZ-B

    “I heard this wine’s from a wicked good yheah!”

  9. Gentlemen…to evil!

  10. Michael Keaton, there you are.

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