1. Toe Jam

    Some where in the world, there is a wax figure of John Travolta who claims to be more life-like.

  2. Did he hit her OFF switch??

  3. I’m gonna touch the creepy girl booby….gonna touch it…gonna….NO, I just CAN’T!!!!

  4. I think he just Sharpies his hair on at this point.

  5. o'chunt

    “Jet? … Who?”

  6. o'chunt

    Aaand it’s “Jett”, apparently. Dammit.

  7. Come on, guys. No “Jodie did it, why can’t you?” questions, alright?

  8. Bald or toupee? Make up your mind!

  9. contusion

    It’s more like a yamaka with sideburns attachments.

  10. Pine Table Fever

    How can he wake up every day, look in the mirror and seriously think ‘…yes. this looks fucking great!’?

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      He wakes up everyday believing scientology speaks the truth about reality. After that, nothing is a stretch.

  11. “Kelly, your girl thing is pressing into my side again. What have I told you about that?”

  12. “No really. I think the GI Joe hair will make me look more manly!”

  13. zomgbie

    thats not a toupee.
    its a glynx-nytik-oqzyglphnr.
    it connects him directly to L. Ron’s ship.

  14. “Well you see that is the great thing about it. We don’t actually HAVE sex. Isn’t that right honey, thats the best part about it, right?”

  15. Felt hair is the newest craze!

  16. Sorriest waste of a fine beard ever. I’m not talking about that shit on his chin.

  17. When faced with unpleasent situations, Kelly’s mind shuts down and she goes to her “special place”.

  18. Arzach

    Someone has to do a Katie Holmes to Kelly Preston

  19. What was that toy called where you dragged the magnetic shavings around and put it on the bald guys head? Wooly something? Travolta – I bet it was Travolta.

  20. Freebie

    Goodness but he is one ugly man

  21. the crazy betty

    he used to be so unbelievably gorgeous. what happened to barbarino? that hair looks like felt.

  22. Senor Trout

    Devil? Satan? Mephistopheles? Klute? The Great Confuser? The Father of Lies?

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