1. Giant white penis party. Kim Kardashian R.S.V.P.’d “not interested.”

  2. Ha! Wait till they find out the drag queen is actually Snookie sitting on top of JWOWW in drag…
    (PS I hate myself for knowing who those 2 are)

  3. “No, no…wait…I’ve GOTTA drive home. I’m way too fucked up to walk!”

  4. contusion

    I thought Divine was dead.

  5. Where's Dildo

    I’m glad to see Courtney Stodden toning it down some

  6. Techman

    Are you ever going to fix the comments so that they actually go with the pic?

  7. And so Willy Wonka proclaimed: “Yay, all my Oompa Loompas shall have a tranny on quaaludes for their snurzday!”

  8. Also pictured (but not visible): the larger of two penises.

  9. Guess which one is the real woman.

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