1. The black guys in this picture? Yep, all the way in the back. Is this what Rosa Parks fought for?

  2. And these are my foot soldiers!

  3. Holding back a retarded Benicio Del Torro.

  4. xxx

    Come at me, nig…I mean bro.

  5. Yep, that’s the UK alright. Half the crowd needs dental work, several are on the verge of puking, and they’re all pale and pudgy.

  6. contusion

    Good director. Great movies. Biggest douche ever.


    Somebody call me whenever he is done with his transformation into Michael Moore, i’d say about 50 more pounds should do it!

  8. bigalkie

    Quentin Tarrantino loves England. He steps off the plane and is instantly one of the best looking people in the country.

  9. What’s Vanessa Bayer doing there? Look to Quentin’s left.

  10. The goblin king holds back his hordes, waiting to see what Bilbo has to say.

  11. Soon after this photo was taken, Quentin Tarantino could not find his wallet.

  12. ♫ ♪ “…yes London is my-y-y-y kind of town-n-n-n…” ♫ ♪

  13. AnnaD.

    What is Smeagol doing there?!

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