1. ThisWillHurt

    “Wow! See that on her lip? I’m glad I never actually kissed her.” – Tom Cruise

  2. Never swallow your mouthful of Thetans.

  3. She really shouldn’t drink the tea that Tom keeps sending her.

  4. little turtle head

    Told her not to drink the water from that fountain that paris hilton was frolicking in….

  5. contusion

    Looks like she got in a smackdown on the subway.

  6. B&WMinstrel

    ♫ Freedom’s just another word for nothin left to lose…

  7. JC

    “Warning: Civilian has attempted to override subroutine lronhubbard.exe. Shutdown, shutdown…”

  8. So she’s dating Chris Brown now?

  9. DanDanDans

    Trying her best grumpy cat expression.

  10. glam

    Let this be a lesson ladies. Rim jobs are not the way to go. Never ever go ass to mouth.

  11. John


  12. Her best De Niro impression I take it?

  13. amir

    Katie’s always got some kind of sores around her mouth. Not a good look.

  14. crazy betty

    why the long face? don’t be sore…

  15. Hmm, he’s been eating lots of garlic and asparagus.
    Not like Tom, well, actually, I have no idea what he used to eat.

  16. It’s easier to just swallow it, honey.

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