1. ddd

    The queen is looking better these days.

  2. Don’t blink. Because you can’t.

  3. Frank Burns

    A black tie gala for people who like perpetuating Australian stereotypes? Uhm, why? Anyway, looks like we see Nicole at the very moment the shrimp on the barbie boomeranged on her colon.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    When did Roger Ebert go blonde?

  5. RHawk

    “Why so serious?”

  6. Looks like her breasts said G’Day and then left.

  7. Heavy D

    Hey, “ThisWillHurt” – that funny as hell. :D
    (Hey Superficial – fix yur shit!)

  8. How depressing…she used to be so pretty.

  9. bernard

    looks like she has a five head

  10. crazy betty


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