1. Anthony


  2. How delightfully feminine.

  3. Tara Reid in Miami

  4. Sweaty botoxed white trash He-Man. Classy.

  5. The pug in the back says it all.

  6. cc

    She posted this for all the straight men who she hoped would suddenly think ‘Gee, I think I’d like to have sex with another man…an oily one.’

  7. I don’t know who she is, but thanks for all that vomit on my keyboard, bitch!

  8. Who, exactly, IS this Jodie Marsh person, and exactly HOW did she get her pubic hair to grow like that?

  9. GLT

    Does she have to hold them up so they don’t sag to her navel and hide the six pack?

  10. Cock Dr

    The dog knows all.

  11. I think you mean JOE Marsh…

  12. squiggy

    people keep bringing up the dog, do you mean that shapeless thing in the grey jogging pants/suit?

  13. “You know what I want people to think when they see my crotch? Angel of Death.”

  14. Skippy86

    Its good to have goals in life.

  15. B&WMinstrel

    If you were told she had something deadly down there with wings your first thought’d be panty liners

  16. maoix

    I realize she’s not attractive and hasn’t menstruated since the mid-90s, but we all must admit that that took a lot of hard work and dedication to a strict diet.

  17. She’s oiled up and ready to go. Any takers?

  18. anonym

    It’s a boy. no hips.

    fucking trash with a nasty huge tattoo over the groin

  19. I love the part when they’re eating the dry turkey and the dog vomits under the table.

  20. that six pack looks like it’s part of a costume. c’mon. it’s all ugly as shit anyway.

  21. hooooooly shit I just puked in my mouth. who the hell thinks that looks ‘hot’.

    the pelvic tatto just screams ‘CLASSY’ don’t it? ugh.

  22. Why are you wearing my son’s underwear?!

  23. peyteygaya

    How to make a penis limp in 10 seconds.

  24. Hate Mongrel


  25. whatever is at the bottom of that winged skull frightens me.

  26. Whyask

    Jodie Marsh, pictured here mere moments after frightening his cock off.

  27. KC

    Definitely Kryptonite for my penis.

  28. crazy betty

    a real lady.

  29. Somebody is “tucking”.

  30. Vageleton.
    No wait, Vajawna.
    Um, Skullgina?

  31. Grafikman

    How did she grow a Klingon forehead on her gut?

  32. Shokroklove

    Jodie!! Missed ya, girl.

  33. Anyone got any laundry to do? I got you.

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