1. The man’s still got it.
    Granted, he just elbowed a small boy and gave him a concussion but yeah…

  2. I guess the kid’s ear looks tasty.

  3. Mohawk Disco

    - Now, here is a good trick. Uppercut, uppercut, then you bite his ear off…
    - Somebody get him off that kid! Call 911!…Call 911!

    • joe

      Actually, it was a lot more like you take an uppercut (oof), you take another uppercut (oof) you bite his ear to get the fight stopped before you get beat up (again).

  4. Bob

    One kid gets a lesson in head movement in boxing, the other kid gets a lesson in the importance of underarm deodorant.

  5. He’s finally going to eat the children.

  6. JimBB

    I’m pretty sure he’s roofying the kids.

  7. “the powah of chrith compelth you”

  8. From the look on that boy’s face I would say Tyson needs to invest in deodorant.

  9. “That’ll do Pig…That’ll do.”

  10. “Your EARS, Kid…watch your EARS!”

  11. “You awe the Biggest Wooser… Goodbye.”

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