1. Pay attention North West. This is your future.

  2. I’d make a “Golden Child” joke, but I never saw that movie and neither did anyone else.

  3. cmonreally

    So, they went through all the trouble to paint the kids face, got the hands and said, “Nah… he’s good enough for who and what it’s for”?

  4. meh

    So it’s not racist painting the kid Buddha gold?

  5. Big Future

    I didn’t know they had golden lawn boys…
    How cool….

  6. donkeylicks

    That’s bullshit! His hands, eyes, and hair aren’t gold. So much for professionalism.

  7. His name is ‘Oscar’.

  8. Mooby

    Dammit, I thought you said it was Enrico Pallazzo!

  9. Avatar: The last Whorebender

  10. HackSaw

    Jaden Smith?

  11. Damn, that gal’s got more curves than Pacific Coast Highway!

  12. Please, please, don’t make a fuss. I’m just plain Yogurt.
    May the schwartz be with you!

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