1. Yeah, yeah, Biebs. We already guessed.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Just let me put the tip in. C’mon, the rest of it is like this.”

  3. can’t wait to see these comments.

  4. Sad truth…all men exaggerate.

  5. ultra

    trust me man, it will never get bigger than this – you’ve got my genes.

  6. “Just to let you know kid your penis will always be bigger than mine.”

  7. “There once was a spoiled boy singer who was warned that the more douchy things he did, his penis would shrink . The spoiled boy singer did so many douchy things that his penis shrank and shrank until it eventually went inside his body. The moral of this story is I don’t need women now that I have my own vagina to play with.”

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