1. Jake

    Google search disappointed on this nobody with a nice ass.

  2. She is so cute, can’t act worth shit, but cute.

    • Swearin

      And yet, she’s in a show on its 5th season on The CW; there’s a sad lesson here

      • Dude. It’s the CW. Not really known for the Emmy worthy performances. The best show on there as far as I know is Supernatural.

      • Supernatural is awesome and really should not be lumped in with the other shit that is on that network. That being said, Sam and Dean won’t be winning any awards for their acting abilities anytime soon.

      • I haven’t seen the most recent season yet. Imo Supernatural is the spiritual successor to Buffy and Angel. Those were the best shows on WB and Supernatural follows in their footsteps. Kim Manners has worked on both shows.

      • Yep, was a super fan of both Buffy and Angel.

      • meh

        The show is idiotic. My niece was watching it over the holidays on her dvr. The main actors play multiple characters on the show.

        A lot of hot chicks on the show though….

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