1. ‘Member “Ghost World”?
    That was back when this chick was legitimately hotter than ScarJo.
    13 years can be brutal if you don’t do shit…

  2. Yeah, where the hell has she been? The boobs from American Beauty. Where have those been?

  3. Thora Birch…Thora Birch…Thora Birch…wait, yeah I remember her!

    Looks I can get back to forgetting her.

  4. Fred Fondlebaum

    When did she die?

  5. Once Amazing

    Her mother was a very hot porn star in the 80s.
    Thora had mom’s boobs, which were great.

    Now Thora looks like an angry housewife,
    I think I’ll hit something else, she’s yours…

  6. dboff

    Brad Dourif?

  7. She could come back from this…she needs a trainer, good clothes and a decent hair stye.

  8. I remember she had some of the most amazing boobs ever, I wonder how they look now?

  9. The scene where she shows her beautiful breasts in “American Beauty” is burned into my memory. Still one of the best pairs of natural tits I’ve ever seen. She was really hot back then too. She’s still hot imo.

  10. dennis

    She and Jenna Fischer look like they are the same age. However, Jenna Fischer is pushing 40 and had two kids.

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