1. dirtdog

    Evil pig cunt.

  2. stinkfinger

    TCA – Total Cunt Awards

  3. I’d do her…provided she’s never heard of a donkey punch.

  4. PassingTrue

    Nice to see the Martin Bashir fan club chimed in.

  5. She looks whacked out. Most likely on some good pills.

  6. She looks not bad, I’d do her except for the whole “vagina is so wrecked it’s dropping retards” thing.

    What? that’s the comment that’s ‘too far’ for you perverts?

  7. JohnnyP

    FACT: When she gets her ‘outdoor spray-on tans’ in Alaska, the snow surrounding her looks like a pile of moose shit.

  8. meh

    Funny thing is that she looking more and more like that pornstar that played her.

  9. Thanks for the advanced still shot from the new Dumb and Dumber movie.

  10. JimBB

    Looks like her hardline anti-gay rhetoric has really made her really popular with the makeup people, hairdressers, and fashion consultants.

  11. Dopey Broad

    She looks like she just handed the bong, to the person to her left…

  12. MrChips

    Peggy Hill!

  13. Further proof that America is not a meritocracy.

  14. cc

    Does he wear a wig?

  15. Has she been hanging out with Tan Mom?

  16. Literally the dumbest person on the planet. Just an imbecile. Most of the other Republicans are just scumbags, but at least they are still intelligent, she, she is just fucking stupid.

  17. Slappy Magoo

    That’s the smug satisfied look of someone who’s spent hours practicing, so if people ask her the trick question “How do you spell TCA?” the joke will be on THEM.

    • Years ago I worked in the collections department at AT&T. Once I called a customer to get him to pay his bill and he said, “Who are you with?”

      I said, “AT&T.”

      As gawd is my witness he asked, “How do you spell that?”

  18. “We have a saying in Alaska. ‘If you wear peppermint shoes during your popularity decline, it will make your downfall all the sweeter!”

  19. Hate Mongrel

    Nice to see all the Obamabots showing the world their brand of peace, love, tolerance, and diversity.

    • sure buddy, because she’s SO smart you’d HAVE to be a fan of Obama to ridicule her. make sure you keep sending your hard-earned dollars to her PAC. “them liberals are scared of Palin running”… running for what exactly? running to the bank with retard money.

  20. Get Smart, “Missed being Vice President by this much!”

  21. Robb7

    Her psycho politics aside, she really is ignorant trailer park trash!

  22. renotastic

    Someone needs to visit Zellweger’s de-scrunch specialist.

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