1. The female/male hormone ratio here is about even….

  2. cmonreally

    So Johnny Depp found his long lost twin?

  3. Somewhere in there is a joke about a Disco Pirate and a Raccoon, but I can’t make it work.

  4. What’s going on with these two non-blondes?

  5. Dude feels like a lady…

    • Rasputin's Evil Twin

      “Dude feels up a lady?”

      Dude feels up like a lady?”

      Fuck it, I’ll be at the bar, drinking this one away.

  6. meh

    So which one is Linda?

  7. Thats the first time shes had grope man crotch or lady crotch I’m confused, what the hell are these people?

  8. Eeeewwww......

    So are his nails black, or is that just dirt?

  9. Russell Brand in ten years time. Either of them.

  10. MrChips

    The left eye is following his gaze, but that right eye is scorching my brain.

  11. I am so confused here, which is which?

  12. mylanddownunder

    She has small hands?

  13. Isn’t that the woman from 4 non-blondes?

  14. Not even Vivid could find an audience for whatever this is.

  15. AweseomeTownie

    I cry….omg do I cry

  16. This caption is wrong, this is the scene where Keith Richards shows up and talks to Jack Sparrow in the third Pirate movie.

  17. I’m sorry, but neither one of them look like the smell very good.

  18. Doc Oc

    Just one touch and the hand’s already breaking out.

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