1. poop


  2. ThisWillHurt

    Rose McGowan? Thank god! When I saw the thumbnail, I thought Emma Stone went full Paz de la Huerta.

  3. son of Flubber

    Sorry haters…I’d still hit it.

  4. It took a few moments to get to her face, which has been relegated to the back of the bus for a few years now, but this time its not too bad…but then again, I just saw a pic of Steven Tyler prior to this.

  5. Are you sure this is Rose? I just aw her newest indie film and she looked nothing like this….are you sure this not Lorde?

  6. Oh My

    Somebody have an extra lunch bag? I’d definitely hit the rest…

  7. Jade

    Makeup cannot hide the horrible butcher-job on her face.

  8. cc

    The saddest part is her ass is probably sagging too.

  9. George P. Burdell

    After she molests a boy with cancer and a Corey Feldman wanna be, her transformation to the dead High Priest Micheal Jackson will be complete.

  10. She’s still hot. I’d love to.

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