1. “It’s all about the NASCAR! What! The NASCAR! What!”

  2. Slappy Magoo

    To write that Fred Durst s performing with Kimp Bizkit implies anything Fred Durst does could be considered a “performance,” and I’ve yet to see proof of that.

  3. Uncle Ferry

    The pain from a ruptured spleen can strike when you least expect it

  4. Wait… wait… wait… I thought Fred Durst was dead.

  5. malaka

    do you think he is he gonna do his ruh ruh voice??
    i bet you guys he’s gonna do his ruh ruh voice.

  6. At 2am, if you get off at the wrong bus stop in any big american city, this is what awaits…

  7. He did it all, but still no nookie.

  8. malaka

    greatest black microphone joke pic ever?
    absolute worst black microphone joke pic ever?

  9. How did he get that much time off from Subway?

  10. Still as obnoxious as ever.

  11. “Did it all for the wookie..”

  12. They had some good songs in their day, but fuck ‘em.

  13. What is Carl Spackler doing here? That gopher is still destroying the golf course.

  14. I’ve long enjoyed both his music and his Epic Mealtime videos.

  15. Shemp

    He looks like that badly repaired “Ecce Homo” painting in Spain a couple of years ago…

  16. Your Huckleberry

    Not pictured: the completely empty venue.

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