1. malaka

    i never knew steinway made titanium pianos.

    • penis

      remember how the space shuttle used to hitch a ride on a 747 and then it would get towed by a chevy truck or some shit?

  2. Dox

    If the next photo was her faceplanting after losing her balance… My bucket list would almost be complete.

  3. Slappy Magoo

    From the looks of it, I guess she’s working with the Fabulous Bakery Boys?

  4. Robb7

    When you have no talent, you just let the boobs do it!

  5. stop abusing that piano, you lactating old cow! You’re not 21 anymore!

  6. I wonder what’s going to break first, the piano, or the tape keeping her in that dress?

  7. I suddenly want to be breast fed like a little baby.

  8. “Why don’t you do right like some other men do?
    Get out of here and get me some pizza too”

  9. anonymous

    Somebody bought some new titties with her husband’s money…wait, no….to promote her new album….wait, no…..WTF is she doing?

  10. Her tits look good. It’s the rest of her that I have a problem with.

  11. Fancy Face

    False. That is not a real piano. A real piano cannot support 1.5 tons of silicone.

  12. Makes me think of an old Kids in the Hall sketch:

  13. As if moving a piano-mover’s job wasn’t hard enough.

  14. TheCynic

    She’s giving Courtney Stodden a run for clown tits of the day.

  15. I’d still fuck the shit out of Mariah. Any day.

  16. Swearin

    Was Nick Cannon unavailable to play the piano?

  17. donkeylicks

    And then it broke.

  18. I’m afraid I have never had much interest in Mariah Carey, nor will I ever have any…unless she starts performing topless. Then, I’m there in a heartbeat!

  19. “I just want to let you know that you can all go home now, the show is over. I brought my sleeping bag and ordered a pizza because I really don’t want to go home.

  20. Can we expect Samuel L Jackson to be asked about the time he played the piano for Mariah Carey?

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