1. JimBB

    Excuse me miss, but I just wanted to tell you that my grandfather is a HUGE fan.

  2. Joe Blow

    If you or a loved one developed gynecomastia and a compulsion to wear pink pants after taking Risperdal, you should contact our law firm immediately. You may be entitled to compensation by filing a lawsuit and we can help.

  3. cmonreally

    She’s nice. If a dude that looked like that came up and talked to me, I’d mace him in his rat-looking face and book it out of there.

  4. “Trust me, Ms. Moore. I would NEVER dump you for a younger WOMAN!”

  5. “Ms. Moore, Ms. Moore! I hate to impose on you, but could I possibly get Ashton Kutcher’s autograph?”

  6. So I understand you’re in to much younger douche bags…

  7. anonymous

    What kind of yoga are they doing that requires all of them to wear stompers? Nut crushing yoga?

  8. CK

    Nice shoes, dickwad.

  9. coljack

    “Hey, I wanted to come up and introduce myself. I’m about Ashton’s age when you guys first started going out, and I’m very lonely. Just puttin’ that out there.”

  10. DEEP V…he’s mantastic!

  11. gayer than a 3 dollar bill.

  12. Swearin

    “Hey, I just saw Striptease the other day.”
    “Oh. Did you like it?”
    “Umm…not exactly. I preferred Magic Mike.”

  13. I’d fuck Demi Moore. Our pink pants wearing friend here obviously wouldn’t.

  14. “Excuse me, I recently lost my hag. Do you wanna hang out and buy me pretty things?”

  15. “I loved you in Cougar Town.”
    “I’m not Courtney Cox, and that show is still on the air.”
    “No…No it isn’t.”

  16. Since when did Demi go blonde and cut her hair?
    You mean that’s a guy? Oops.
    Never mind.

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