1. Echo5

    The camel canyon is strong on that one

  2. the cow goes moo moo

  3. that thing looks like it sucks air like the water in a bathtub when its close to going down the drain. It’s self sustaining.

  4. Joe Blow

    Hmm… the phrase “wallowed out” is all I get from looking at that gunt.

  5. Robb7

    Moo UGH!

  6. Slappy Magoo

    The cameraman behind her is recording a reminder as to why she’s famous again.

  7. Ralph


  8. Ralph

    LIPS! look at those lips…quack, quack.

  9. anonymous

    Isn’t this the first pic of KK in over a week? I say go for the record and not post KK pics for a year.

  10. Moose knuckle!

  11. I’ve heard of camel toe but is cow hoof a new one?

  12. Of course, desperate site has to post at least one pic of the cow a day.

  13. No child in this photo either? I swear the paparazzi watch her kid more than she does.

  14. spartacus


  15. Jack Ketch

    The cheek implants look gross. And so do the lips. MOO.

  16. I’d like to fuck those tits.

  17. The staff of wranglers sigh in unison as they prepare to tug-of-war Kim’s jeans out of her cameltoe, yet again.

  18. Free_Speech

    What is going on with her crotch?

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