1. JimBB

    Amazing how she was able to throw her kid in front of that car and not get a drop of blood on her.

  2. Slappy Magoo

    She looks like she could be in a Duran Duran cover band if Duran Duran cover band members hated their kids, too.

  3. Bruce Jenner…post surgery. Success!

  4. Voice of Reisling

    It’s the Good Humorless Man!

  5. “…no confessions, no religion, don’t believe In Modern Love..”

  6. Little Tongue

    She finally got rid of the little fucker! Good for her!

  7. malaka

    behold! the champion of 15th trimester abortions!

  8. rican

    Well, it’s about time that McCauley Culkin kid cleaned up his act.

  9. Jentilly

    Brrr I just got a chill!

  10. oldfool

    The new “Ice Princess Barbie.”

  11. Dick Nose

    She looks like a queer milkman

  12. The Annie Lennox look works for her.

  13. donkeylicks

    You don’t go out dressed like that…. On a weekday!

  14. The pretentious hipster milkman is here to deliver ennui to the lactose intolerant.

  15. She just looks evil.

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