1. JC

    Someone’s been attending the “Exuding Warmth, January Jones-Style” classes at the Learning Annex.

  2. cmonreally

    Some people would say she’s dressed like a slob, but I bet that outfit costs more than I make in a year.

    • malaka

      a slob with a publicist, two dozen nutritionists and physical trainers,
      a legion of stalkers and an army of bodyguards to keep them more than 10 feet away at all times.

  3. Oooooh…weed. It was weed.

  4. anonymous

    And the “I just escaped from rehab” stereotypical look is complete.

  5. navvet75

    she should smile more I see jawols in her future otherwise.

  6. coljack

    Oh how Selena missed Justin. His energy. His quirky Canadian sense of humor, like the way he’d ask her to talk about chainsaws and a hard day’s work out in the forest right before they made love.

    At least, she’d always have the memories. And the shirt.

  7. Capn Obvious

    Eye bleach for that last fat load.

  8. tlmck

    Hopefully thinking of a way to one up Miley.

  9. And here we have Demi’s replacement at Disney. A definite upgrade.

  10. LOL and morons still try to pretend she’s hot.

  11. “I had sex with Justin Beiber and all I got was this flannel shirt.”

  12. buzz

    This has morning after walk of shame written all over it. She’s even wearing the dude’s shirt home and sweats look like they are inside out.

    Hell, is that dried semen on the her cuff of her sleeve? Must’ve been a rough night but pimpin’ ain’t easy.

  13. “Where the hell did I park my car…”

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