1. In retaliation for years of suppression, ridicule, and exclusion by the catholic church, the gays retaliate by making really sexy pants out of the Shroud of Turin.

  2. Slappy Magoo

    Why are his knees so filthy? Does he not understand how fame works?

  3. Voice of Reisling

    Finally, someone is making Gay Newsies.

  4. payton manschwing

    Must’ve been a weak showing for him…only eight flaming nutshots to the trousers?

  5. malaka

    looks like a video game character.
    its good to see he didn’t overdose or whatever.

  6. Wearin’ la moda loca.

  7. Nice boots, spaceman.

  8. Ricky and January must be shopping at the same downtown Beverly Hills Goodwill store.

  9. Swearin

    Are we sure this isn’t a post-apocalyptic version of Justin Timberlake?

  10. dick thunder

    Those are the pants he wore TO the set. Livin’ la vida hobo

  11. “This is the last time I trade pants with Russell Brand!”

  12. byron821

    Duzz thees outfit make me look gay??

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