1. Echo5

    I like some thickness but a woman that size can dent a car hood. Fool me once, chubby…

  2. “HULK SING!”

  3. “Since you’ve been soberrrr!”

    ah wait, different pig. Fuck it

  4. Was she too fat for the school girl skirt so instead she just draped it on her gut?

  5. Hopalong

    “Demo Lovato for $400 Alex”
    “It’s a video clue” said Trebek.
    “What is Doggie Style?”
    “That’s $400 to you” said Trebek.

  6. Slappy Magoo

    “Some day somebody’s gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye…”

  7. Little Tongue

    Didn’t she go to rehab for an eating disorder? She shouldn’t have.

  8. When she said ‘Does this make me look fat?”.
    Not 1 of her people said a word.

  9. malaka

    she’s about to ruin my pink hair fetish.

  10. I didn’t know weed could make you that large in the barge.The munchies must be hell on her.

  11. Thick! Like a tropical rain forest, down there.

  12. Let’s not mince words. That’s a full Lovato.

  13. fred

    Singing a song about hot dogs and donuts, no doubt.

  14. Capn Obvious

    Holy shit what a fat disgusting load. If that chick broke her leg, gravy would pour out.

    No. Thanks.

  15. She tried on the ole’ school uniform. It got stuck, so she just said “fuckit, it’ll look cool”..

  16. buzz

    Anal with this one must be awesome if Fez is taking it off the market.

  17. Wasn’t she skinny just last year? Her weight balloons so much she might as well be a puffer fish.

  18. That Fez is a lucky Chubby Chaser. Fish has searched his whole life for a fat celebrity like that!

  19. dick thunder

    So the crazy juice is Crisco, right?

  20. She went from singing ‘Heart Attack’ to being at risk of having one.

  21. Apparently her reported “cutting” issues had nothing to do with calories.

  22. I’ve never seen anyone get so fat their tights hand knee blowouts before.

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