1. Have some dignity Dinklage!

  2. I believe the little person might be dressed up like a big joint.

  3. Dox

    She keeps wearing the Melvin outfits, and she’s going to wind up with a yeast infection. Just sayin….

  4. Robb7

    That ass is just so bad. What the hell will she look like at fucking 30??!!

  5. She has the ass of Spencer Rice from Kenny Vs Spenny.

  6. jibrone pony

    The garden gnome wanted to twerk that dude but forgot his step-stool

  7. I thought the Saw franchise had jumped the shark when they went 3D, but the Spandex Melvin bisection trap is really pushing the envelope.

  8. That’s Midget Abuse!

  9. gary coleman's ghost

    Okay. God damn Miley, stop already. You’re killing us. We get it; you march to the beat of your own fucked up drummer. You eschew petty bourgeoisie conventions about sex, beauty, modesty, talent and taste. You embrace your hillbilly pedigree and have less shame than a redneck attending his family reunion just to pick up girls. You win, bitch. Now excuse me while I go bleach my eyes.

  10. Hold on there garden gnome I haven’t finished humping the air.

  11. malaka

    this whole thigh gap trend is really getting out of hand.

  12. Ironically enough, this IS how chicken look.

  13. Mike

    gary coleman’s ghost pretty much nailed it.

  14. That ass is just sad. sad.

  15. I’d bury my face in dat ass. Miley’s my kind of crazy white chick.

  16. Motorboat Captain

    And oh how they danced
    The little children of Stonehenge
    Beneath the haunted moon
    For fear that daybreak might come too soon

  17. donkeylicks

    So the dwarf is supposed to be a joint then? Which would imply she smokes with her vagina. Just ship her off to Thailand and be done with it.

  18. So tired of her.

  19. buzz

    What’s her demographic audience? Who actually goes to one of her concerts because I can’t think of anyone?

    Too old for the pedos, too nasty for the Hannah Montana preteens, too lame for the college kids, and no real nudity for the pervs.

    The LGBT community?

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