1. “Why you aint got no arms?”

  2. Joe Blow

    “This is all Greek to me.”

  3. C’mon Commissioner Gordon, hurry up and call, so I can activate the hidden switch & slide down to ride the Tatum-mobile!

  4. malaka

    of all the dimly lit casting couch offices in the world, he had to walk into mine…

  5. He loves Matthew McConaughy so much he has his bust on his desk?

  6. kafak

    So that’s where he gets his acting skills from…

  7. cmonreally

    Kristen Stewart looks really excited to talk to Channing.

  8. tom

    Yeah like if he could read or think.

  9. Aunt Cracker

    If Channing can;t use a pen for a chew toy, its nothing but a useless ink filled stick to him.

  10. malaka

    wait a minute.. this is chaning tatum???
    wtf is wrong with the comment section on this site?

  11. He has no idea who that is.

  12. They both have the same I.Q.

  13. Swearin

    Ah yes, the fedora with a feather in it: the signifying mark of all Serious Artists

  14. MarketingMike

    Why is Vanilla Ice staring at that bust?

  15. Obvious

    He just finished laying the wood to Jenna
    and that’s a bust of his hero, Michael Fassbender.
    He’s looking for inspiration for another round…

  16. “I thought you might want to check out my resume, so I brought it along, sir. Sir…??? Helll-oooo…”

  17. “Why do they bother giving me a script? I’m going to do the movie anyway.”

  18. “Inanimate object, you mock me with your silence.”

  19. Your Huckleberry

    He spent two hours talking to that bust before he realized it wasn’t a mute albino.

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