1. Joe Blow

    “You took my parking spot, motherfucker! Don’t you know who I am?”

    “Yeah… you’re the guy walking further to get to the front door than I am.”

  2. malaka


  3. Even Clooney farts in the car.

  4. “Yeah, I saw that picture of Shamu Carey on the piano. Scary shit!”

  5. “Don’t fail me now, Flo-max!”

  6. “Only six months into the relationship and I almost made direct eye contact with her. Man, close call…”

  7. clooneytang

    That girl I just nailed in the airplane bathroom was over 30? Jeez, that’s embarrassing.

  8. tlmck

    He hates being hit on by women his own age.

  9. “Fuck! My ex is back there and I think she saw me.”

  10. Freebie

    Age is creeping up on him.

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