1. malaka

    attica man!!! attica man!!!

  2. cmonreally

    Miley may have done it first, but Christian does it better.

  3. Proof that the technology from Face/Off exists, and Christian Bale and David Arquette were the first test subjects.

  4. fred

    Just out of frame: jonah hill.

  5. coljack

    Bale is so method, he has a hard time getting out of character. Seen here after a guest appearance on Sesame Street.

  6. Batman has his lighter side.

  7. From left to right: Think No Evil; Do No Evil; and Sweet Jeebus, what the fuck is that foul taste?

  8. Mr. Bale, What are your thoughts about Ben Affleck playing Batman?”

  9. mnsuperbee

    I like you Christian, but we are fucking done man. We are fucking done professionally. Walking around, shooting these press photos like ‘la dee fuckin dah’. I’m sorry, man, we’re done.

    Said everyone on American Hustle.

  10. Free_Speech

    I thought Chevy Chase in the middle was taller… oh well.

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