1. It’s about time we got back to making 1980s work out videos. My hand is still sore from that decade.

    • MarketingMike

      You all had to know deep inside, it was just a matter of time
      before those Kim Basinger “genes” kicked in…

      The good news is, she’s probably already dumped “surf dude”

  2. RubberBandMan

    Hate all you want, but she looks good.

  3. ben dover

    desperate for attention but won’t take her clothes off

  4. She’s Aubrey O’Day with real breasts!

  5. Deacon Jones

    so fucking hot

  6. Agreed very hot

  7. i forgot what i was gonna say

  8. Fancy Face

    For a second there I thought it was Crystal Hefner

  9. anonym

    legs are nice.

    face is meh

  10. She’s already boring at 18 = washed up by 30.

    Wait for it.

  11. God damn. She’s fucking hot! Looking forward to seeing a lot more of her.

  12. yenjvoy

    She must be trying a new theme on her Instagram photos. This is the first one not directly aimed up her asshole.

  13. Father Dougal

    Lady Gaga looks good without the makeup or prosthetic penis.

  14. Beautiful young woman with beautiful legs. What in the fuck are those clod-hoppers on her feet?

  15. She is definitely growing on me.

  16. Gordon

    Neat boots!

  17. Free_Speech

    I see her ending up in tranny-p0rn.

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