1. Crack! it does the body uhmmm… never mind…

  2. Happy_Evil_Dude

    “Wait they know me here? Am I on Punk’d? German Ashton Kutcher, is that you over there?!”

  3. bigalkie

    Switched at birth… With Dreamboat Doherty.

  4. rantatonne

    Costume : Who?

  5. If they do a Ring III, she’s a shoe in.

  6. Mike

    OMG people still find me relevant..Thank you Amanda Bynes

  7. I know I’ve spent too much time here when I can recognize Mischa Barton without even looking at the caption.

  8. Has she been around Tim Burton?

  9. Is she trying to be Penny Marshall now?

  10. Germans. Schadenfreude. Gotta be.

  11. Lemme guess… Larr- ahh, I can’t do it. Larry Bird ain’t never done me wrong.

  12. cc

    They finally let this person out of Belsen?

    (I know that’s really tasteless.)

  13. Obviously they don’t alphabetize their celebrity lists.

  14. The one lady has British hands that go nicely with Mischa’s British complexion.

  15. Lou Braccant

    You know what I don’t like about her? There are nude pics of her on the internet.

  16. This is better than John Mayer’s looked in a while.

  17. right

    Uncle Fester had a daughter?

  18. It’s Howdy Do do.

  19. Sheriff Woody from Toy Story is getting old.

  20. She’s apparently still wearing her makeup and wardrobe after playing the little girl in “The Sixth Sense.”

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