1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Blasphemy. Thou shalt never use the Purple One’s likeness in vain.

  2. Contusion

    Actually, THIS is what it sounds like, when doves cry.

  3. j/k

    Sexual Chocolate from Coming to America?

  4. K-Tron

    He should have made everyone else at the party wear lifts.

  5. If he had 1/100th the talent of Prince, I could allow it, but since he is a hack who won the fucking lottery by having talented friends, I’m a gonna havta say NO.

  6. Dumb-ass. Everybody knows that Black Liberace didn’t play the guitar!

  7. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Remix crap of a real talent………

  8. 1NDUN

    Maybe he’ll change his name again. To a musical note. The Brown Note?

  9. Ah, look, it’s Where’s Waldo? and Where’s Talent?

  10. rantatonne

    Costume : someone please punch that child

  11. kimmykimkim

    You wish, motherfucker. You so wish.

  12. Unicorn Horn

    Game. Blouses

  13. The worst thing about this photo isn’t that he and his friend are wearing lazy outfits… it’s that he’s worth $550 mil

    • For all his money you think he’d get that lower lip reduction he’s been needing. Seriously, has anyone EVER taken a pic of him with his mouth fully closed?

  14. Diddy dressed up as a real musician.

  15. SexJihaad9/11


  16. Prince got greasy.

  17. Where’s Charlie Murphy when you need him…

  18. tlmck

    I would say that somebody should take that fine axe and beat him with it, but I couldn’t do that to a fine axe.

  19. cc

    By the looks of it, Hef invited all the best people to his party.

  20. irishboyo

    Oh I get it, he went as the Dark Prince

  21. What a clever costume. Who would have ever guessed he’d dress up as a black musical performer?

  22. Worst Jimmy Hendrix costume ever.

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