1. Dina Crackwhore

    What a hideous mask!

  2. K-Tron

    In this installment of “Men Who Look Like Lesbians”…

  3. He’s such a tarted up little tramp with all his makeup.

  4. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Wait, so Papa Joe was gay this whole time? ROFL!!!!

  5. rantatonne

    Costume : See my comment on Neil Patrick Harris photo

  6. BenDoverman

    Daniel Craig’s long lost lesbian sister

  7. EricLR

    Guess Jason Bourne wears makeup better too.

  8. dude

    “Yes, you are correct, no one saw me in that Bourne movie”.

  9. Awkward looking dude. Looks totally bad ass on screen is a middle aged lesbian off screen.

  10. The Bourne Disappointment.

  11. cc

    Looks like a young Liberace.

  12. Vlad

    Well, there’s The Dick in The Dick Edition

  13. tlmck

    Sean Penn has another brother?

  14. This guy should go as an action hero for Halloween.

  15. right

    Where’s the penis at? Over there? Hey!!!!

  16. Hehe haha they’re coming to take me away ha ha.

  17. “Wait, you mean they’re releasing ‘Hansel & Gretel’?! I thought that was just a prank!”

  18. This guy should carry this picture around to remind himself to never do comedies, ‘cuz that smile is fucking UGLY!

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