1. Johnny P!

    Photog: “Uh, nice costume miss Price! What are you supposed to be?”
    Phoebe: “Tits.”
    Photog: “yeah, okay… but what about the heart painted on your cheek?”
    Phoebe: “Tits with a heart painted on my cheek.”
    Photog: “Sure, whatever… just squeeze ‘em together.”
    *** click! click! click! ***

  2. Here’s a tip…

    If famewhores are getting in your yard and eating your vegetables, cover a camera in honey and hang it nearby. They’ll be attracted to it and get stuck in the honey and suffocate.

  3. spartacus

    Who the fuck are you missus?

  4. “I’m thinkin’ that’s a tranny.”
    “Why do you say that?”
    “He’s got a heart on.”

  5. rantatonne

    Costume : Sex is a gamble, sometimes you get Herpes.

  6. That’s a lot of tits attached to a damn unfortunate mug.

  7. bigalkie

    Phoebe Price dressing up as Phoebe Price..

  8. Vlad

    Phoebe Price outside the MasterBater store

  9. I keep getting this porn site.

  10. The heart on the check is to cover up the herpes sores.

  11. cc

    Ah yes, that Hallowe’en classic, the slutty blackjack dealer.

  12. Doesn’t it kind of tell you something when you dress up in a slutty Halloween costume, and it looks just like what you wear every day?

  13. Phoebe!!! Nice tits. Now go away!

  14. What did she dress up as? Milk Duds? THANK YOU, GOOD NIGHT!!

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